Terms & Conditions

Accommodation Terms & conditions

  1. Speed restriction of 10mph within the site.
  2. Parking is restricted to the gravel car park areas only.
  3. NO entrance whatsoever to restricted areas of the farm for safety reasons.
  4. Strictly NO SMOKING in the wigwams or any other indoor facilities.
  5. Chinese lanterns are dangerous to site and countryside and are not allowed to be used.
  6. The management reserves the right to enter accommodation at any time for service or repairs.
  7. Your holiday is non refundable under any circumstance once your booking has been confirmed.
  8. Guests are requested to arrive no earlier than 2.30pm and must vacate accommodation by 10.30am.
  9. Please respect other visitors keeping noise to a minimum especially after 10.00pm.
  10. Day visitors are welcomed at no extra charge but must observe any site rules and are not allowed to stay overnight.
  11. No furniture or furnishings whatsoever to be taken out of wigwams at any time.
  12. Only bbq and fire pit supplied to be used wood can be purchased when needed.
  13. Any breakages must be reported immediately and paid for to the satisfaction of the management.
  14. Leave utilities as you would like to find.
  15. Any belongings left behind in accommodation must be claimed within two weeks of departure.
  16. All accommodation provided at Secret Valley is inspected on your departure, please do not spoil the pleasure of the next visitors by leaving the accommodation dirty.
  17. Please ensure pets are kept on leads at all times and are not to foul apart from in designated area.
  18. Please do not leave pets unattended and not let them annoy others.
  19. The management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject from the park any dog which it considers inappropriate as a family pet or a danger to others.
  20. The management reserves the right to terminate the booking of any persons whose conduct is detrimental to the campsite or other visitors.
  21. All persons staying at Secret Valley or visiting use facilities provided entirely at their own risk, Secret Valley cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or accident to persons or property.
  22. In the event of any serious breach of the above conditions, Secret Valley reserves the right to terminate a holiday and ask offenders to leave.
  23. Remember that you will be staying on a working farm with live animals and potentially dangerous farm equipment amongst other hazards, therefore observe the no entry signs and DO NOT enter any areas of the farm that are not permitted.
  24. In the event of damages that occur to the Owner’s property, buildings, and accommodation or to any fixtures or fittings the client will be responsible for reimbursement in full. The Owner will obtain a quotation for any remedial work, and by agreement with the client, accept the quotation that will most closely restore the item to its original condition.
  25. The property has a pond and lakes, which represents a potential water hazard. You will be made familiar with this hazard when you view the venue and it will be your responsibility to highlight this hazard to your guests. All children are the responsibility of their parents; please watch them at all times!