Farm and Vineyard Tours


The tour starts with visitors meeting Farmer John who will explain how the tour will run.

Farmer John Tours has been a real crowd favourite and a brilliant activity for all ages. Farmer John's tour lets you travel up the farm in a purpose built open trailer overlooking stunning scenery and stops off and describes points of interest.

The adults have the opportunity of a wine tasting at the highest peak of Secret Valley overlooking views reaching Wales, Glastonbury and the Mendip Hills.

The Children have endless amounts of fun with games and surprises along the way.

All tours are tailored depending on the groups age, tastes and interests.

The Growing of Christmas Trees

The Vineyard

Beef Herd

Organic Free Range Chickens

Rare Breed Turkeys


Farmer Johns Tours are super popular but do need a minimum of 8-10 people. It is advisable to contact us prior to coming to check if a tour is running whilst you are staying. If you are not part of a group we can add you in with other visitors to make up a group to reach the minimum number needed to run the tour. 

Pricing and Availability

Adults: £12

Available from: April to October

Children: £6